Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Here’s a first. Had dinner tonight with a colleague at the Cambridge Chop House. Empty restaurant, save for 3 young people in a fairly heated discussion. Our waiter seems a good guy, doesn’t even want to charge me for substituting mushroom for carrots. Conversation is flowing, then this idiot comes over from behind the counter […]

For the record Craig… When you are online to someone on a technical support case: * He/she tells you to reset the settings to default * You ask ‘will this mean I loose my settings?’ * They reply ‘no’ TOTALLY IGNORE THEM, GO WITH YOUR GUT INSTINCT FROM 30 YEARS USING TECH. THE WHOLE POINT […]

You might want to upgrade your systems to identify when someone has more than one telephone line at a given address. That way you’d not keep calling me periodically trying to sell me broadband for a telephone only line, when I have broadband on a line that you also supply at the same address. Oh, […]

I think this sums up UK infrastructure. Here’s the exit (and entrance) for a tube line at Paddington Station (rail station where the express train to Heathrow airport goes from): A complete and utter bottleneck..

I think the picture below (taken the other week) sums up the catastrophe that is Sainsbury’s in Cambridge (there are 2, equally bad)- no ‘normal’ milk left. Still, gives me a different example to use than ‘potatoes’ which was the case once before. What a systematic failure of running a business to not have the […]

UK transport never fails to amaze me. I must confess there is something to be said for getting the 12:04 (midnight) mid-week train from Kings Cross to Cambridge – it always runs on time ! However, throw a Sunday in the equation and you are doomed. Simple task: get to Heathrow on Sunday morning for […]

[Warning, this is a rant, but I need to get it off my chest] I’m back. I would have blogged yesterday, but the usual 3rd world cell infrastructure in the UK prevented me doing so. Well, it’s great to be back to familiarity. I’m glad to say that I was presented with all the nonsense […]

Sitting at the table at the pub last night wondering what to have for dinner. It’s funny, I live in a relatively small village. However, the food options open to me are extensive. Of course, none of them are particularly healthy, but after a few pints of Stella that’s not particularly a priority. Anyways, I […]

In London today. Meetings in Pall Mall, train in even though at peak time was okay. On the contrary, after the meeting a nightmare. Baking heat, aircon in Starbucks was broken. Aircon on train non-existent. No cell reception when trying to take calls out of London. Truly shocking service. And i know with all the […]

I bother you once every 2-3 years for a supply of allergy tablets. I sent you a fax 5 days ago with clear instructions of what I needed (I don’t want to sit in a surgery full of sick people). Yes, I know it’s not the generic brand medicine, but it’s hardly the latest cancer […]