Sunday, June 16th, 2024

I think I’ve blogged before about the fact that there is only 1 sandwich that I can eat in the whole of Cambridge Station – a basic cheese sandwich for £1 from M&S. No, it’s not the penny saving Scottish gene in me, it’s the fact that I hate sandwiches full of random stuff like […]

I think this picture from a main street in Cambridge pretty much sums up the Cambridge Dining Experience: Yep, instead of walking along the street with a Kebab, you can actually sit in having one. Unbelievable.

First was burgers with the BBQ just outside the garage, now it’s parked in the back garden. Lamb cutlets, peppers and mushroom. And yes, I know it’s a little burnt:

Alternative title: I wish everything was as simple as making bread Yesterday morning I bought some bread and had a (small) slice on its own when I got home. I realised that it tasted sweet and that once again the UK has followed the US by putting too much sugar in things. Yes, I do […]

Some things are just too good to be experience once in life. So, I had T-Bone steak again last night, much to the amusement of the waiting staff at the restaurant. What I liked was the look they gave me when I asked for substitutions – not that Cambridge dumbfounded look that you don’t want […]

Served every day. I like the stand:

Dinner tonight was amazing… Started with small beef envelopes – like mini Beef Wellington without the mushrooms: Then T-Bone steak. It has to be the best steak I’ve ever eaten in my life. So well seasoned and pre-sliced to add to the flavour:

Not on a major scale, just a few burgers from the freezer…

A good day mandates a good breakfast. Toasted bacon sandwich (smoked back bacon fresh from the butcher), orange juice, and black coffee…

It’s been a while since I’ve been at The Wrestlers in Cambridge. Yesterday went for lunch and it was really good – the best Thai food I’ve had in Cambridge ever. Starting off with the usual crackers and dip whilst the food was cooking: Then Beef Chili for main: