Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Okay, I think I must win a prize for the sadest person in the world right now. I fired up Safari and for some reason ‘buses’ appeared in my head. I’ve just spent the last 15mins surfing looking at buses for sale (including ones that I rode in as a child). Thankfully my garage, nor […]

Spotted this outside one of the windows – very very large marrows being grown in the garden next door. I’ve never seen these in the outdoors.

It always amazes me how windy is gets in Cambridge – I guess it’s something to do with how flat it is. Still, the one thing we don’t have is horizontal rain that I’m used to having lived in the west coast of Scotland. Here’s a short video showing how a typical day can turn […]

I rarely watch TV nowadays due to lack of time. However, this afternoon I’ve fired up the Apple TV and also watching some random stuff on Freesat. Well, Minder and The Professionals. However, what bothers me is the ‘Meerkat’ ads. They just really irritate me with their silly put on accents and dumb stories. Why […]

I feel down and bored right now. Not quite sure what it is, but I just feel restless I guess. I’m kicking myself for not getting into the city early and just getting out of my 2 mile radius of life (the trouble of living near work). I just wish I could click my fingers, […]

I log on to BBC News this morning and the headline news article is “Five Chilean miners ‘depressed’”. The story goes on to tell how a group of miners who have been stuck in a collapsed mineshaft are suffering depressing. Is that really a surprise and worthy of the headline ? I think it shows […]

What a week. I decided that I needed BBQ for dinner tonight. I love lamb, but people the UK insist on marinating it with mint (I hate). My local butcher does some great lamb, taking a normal rack of lamb and cutting it into individual cutlets. In this case, they only had a few left, […]

I’m so tired right now. I just wish I could hibernate. I must admit the bad weather makes things feel a little cosy. I just wish I could sit on the sofa under a blanket drinking hot chocolate whilst watching something good on TV. Then comes the reality check- I’m having to be stuck in […]

I’m sure I blogged about this last year, but I just got the invite to a Fresher’s Debate at University. I now feel old. It’s funny that you still recall things from those days and also how our senses trigger memories. I was in a meeting at one of the Cambridge colleges the other week […]

I had to get out the office for some fresh air at lunchtime. This resulted in a walk to Cherry Hinton – a local village near work. For those not familiar, it’s a bit of a slum. I once came up with a challenge to make the walk more interesting where you’d walk through to […]