Sunday, June 16th, 2024

When I travel I always take a number of DVDs with me to watch. Of course this is slowly being replaced by iTunes. Having an iTunes US account works a treat as 2 of my favourite shows are just about to premiere (always amazes me how I pick up US terminology even after a few […]

Sunday night and what I am about to do ?, go make popcorn and watch a TV show about Crystal Meth addiction. That just doesn’t seem right !

I hate Sundays. I guess it’s because there is little to do and the fact that shops are restricted to 6hrs opening (and many stores in London don’t even open) makes it a real pain when it comes to trying to do things. I usually pick up a copy of the Sunday times, read Michael […]

Continuing with the theme of Easter weekend being the worst holiday weekend, today was as uneventful as the whole of the weekend thus far. This post comes courtesy of MarsEdit (finally managed to sort out an offline blog tool). I just created my to-do / project list and as usual there is far too much […]