Saturday, July 20th, 2024

For the record Craig… When you are online to someone on a technical support case: * He/she tells you to reset the settings to default * You ask ‘will this mean I loose my settings?’ * They reply ‘no’ TOTALLY IGNORE THEM, GO WITH YOUR GUT INSTINCT FROM 30 YEARS USING TECH. THE WHOLE POINT […]

You might want to upgrade your systems to identify when someone has more than one telephone line at a given address. That way you’d not keep calling me periodically trying to sell me broadband for a telephone only line, when I have broadband on a line that you also supply at the same address. Oh, […]

A colleague recently suggested I subscribe to Groupon as he had taken advantage of quite a few offers. I decided to take advice and subscribe. Result ? most mornings I open my e-mail and there’s some random bullshit offer in my inbox, like the other day: Just so Cambridge – fake tan (goes with fake […]

I happened to be browsing my mobileme home folder looking for some pictures and came across the pics below. I don’t recall taking them (and thinking about it, they are good quality !), but I do like them: Tablet My favourite Scottish sweet. Basically boiled sugar and milk. I like to make it, but never […]

I’ve not been in Cambridge for a few weeks now. I ended up in the city for 50 mins and several things irritated me. 1. Apple Store I go to buy a hard drive. They have various models and, as usual, the staff in Apple stores have pretty much zero product knowledge. Choice is a […]

I’m back home. Actually, I got back Wednesday night but have been feeling really bad for the past few days. I hate flying with a really bad cold. This cold has been the strangest I’ve ever had – all in the head area. I found myself in a cold sweat and hallucinating on the flight […]

I hate loosing things. In fact, it drives me crazy. It could be something like a pen (actually I have 2 pens that I bought a few years ago and paid a fairly large sum for, based on the premise that I’d take care of them), or usually a bit of paperwork. This morning I […]

Pub conversation a few weeks ago I mentioned I’d never eaten a Fray Bentos steak pie before. I think we go onto the topic when I was recalling a funny sketch in the office when someone is asked who is the president of Cuba, and David Brent replies “Fray Bentos” instead of Fidel Castro ! […]

First was burgers with the BBQ just outside the garage, now it’s parked in the back garden. Lamb cutlets, peppers and mushroom. And yes, I know it’s a little burnt:

Bring out a 64GB iPhone, please, please. This messing around trying to take things out of my playlists every time is getting to be a pain.