Sunday, June 16th, 2024

I think this pic sums up the attitude of the service industry in the UK. Clearly people can’t be bothered updating the prices on the menu, but the customer is expected to pay the increase in VAT.

Spotted this yesterday in the car, I like the alternative take on Father and Son signs:

In London the other week and spotted this during a visit to Hoxton Square: Yep, a public urinal in the middle of the square. Clever (albeit not aesthetic) solution to the problem of men relieving themselves in public places. Somehow I doubt we’ll ever see these in Cambridge (although they’d actually make Market Square look […]

I think this picture sums up the truly selfish and self-centred nature of some people in Cambridge. In this case leaving bikes at the doors of the train, but no getting up early so that they were first off the train and thus not blocking the exit:

I sometimes really appreciate simple dinners. Okay, this time it wasn’t as simple dinner as I sometimes have (soup with crackers), but still felt very basic compared to what I was craving (steak). Poppy seed rolls, cheese, and red onion. Washed down with a glass of red wine. Really tasty and delicious.

I didn’t specifically stage this pic, but when I looked at my desk I realised it would make a good pic…

One of the things I like about computers is the constant change and the ability to run previous technologies on the current one. It’s kind of cool to run an emulator of a computer you had as a child on the iPhone for example, though scary to think of the difference in compute power and […]

Came across this phrase in an e-mail during the week, I think it sums up how I view things: “If it feels like everything is under control, you aren’t going fast enough.”

Whilst those in the South East would consider steak with a nice glass of red wine a normal dinner experience, here’s the Glasgow equivalent (albeit sourced in Cambridge): That’s Fish and Chips, with a bottle of Irn Bru. There’s something about Irn Bru that goes well with greasy food – it’s quite a refreshing drink […]

Taggart is one of my favourite TV shows. I guess the main appeal is the fun in identifying all of the locations they use in Glasgow (City Centre mostly) for filming. The downside of the show is the number of English people who ask you to say the word ‘Murder’ after they’ve seen the show […]