Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Friend from Scotland visiting tomorrow, leading to a reunion of (Scottish) people in London. Let me think of a few keywords…. Friday night, Old Street/Hoxton Square, Bank holiday weekend, Drinks, Last (or first) train home Somehow I think a headache on Saturday morning, then back into London again on Saturday to repeat it all….

Saw this and it made me laugh… Of course ketchup and mustard isn’t really a Cambridge thing, but maybe I should take my own along ?

Sometimes you have a perceived image of what someone should look like. For example, ask most people what ‘Jesus’ looks like and they’d paint a picture of a tall bearded man weather cloth. In my case, ask me what a ‘Green Party Candidate’ should look like and I couldn’t have painted it better myself…

A long favourite of this blog I know. However, this is the latest sign on the platform: What they haven’t quite added in terms of improvements is “knocking the whole thing down and rebuilding it”. Cambridge Station is a real joke. Okay, it’s better than it used to be, but still pretty poor. I love […]

Departure board from Glasgow Airport:

Busy Cambridge shopping centre: I really wonder whey bother having 2 lifts (aside from redundancy) as only 1 of them is usually in service at a given time…

Great, nice weather, BBQs in full swing. Well, they would be- but not Cambridge. I just went to my local Calor Gas centre to pick up some gas. I hate carrying gas canisters in the back of the car as they roll around and hit the side of the boot. Anyways, arrive at the dealer. […]

A good place for cakes found in Cambridge. Yes, we all know that Cambridge is a culinary desert. Mmh, no desert implies some nice place, let’s call it a wasteground. However, I’ve finally found a good place for cakes. Of course it’s a chain (that’s standard for anything involving food in Cambridge), but it is […]

Working in the tech sector I always get depressed at how cheap things become. Well, at least I no longer kid myself with the justification to buy something as “well, it can’t get any cheaper”. I had this in my inbox this morning: Yes, 2TBs of storage for less than £100 ! The depressing part […]

Some people over from our various offices this week as well as friend also staying with me. I’ve had 2 curry’s this week (both terrible, but hey it’s Cambridge) and the BBQ season is in full swing having cleaned it last Friday and then using it fairly heavily. I think I need to go and […]