Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Spotted this in the paper whilst waiting for food the other day. Made me chuckle given it was in a Cambridge Newspaper. I guess next week will be ‘Plot to turn Hitler into a Liberal Democrat’…

Finally found this on YouTube as I often describe to people the concept of the Cambridge spoiled child with the dumb parents who dote after them…  

Spotted this the other week at Cambridge station: Platform hosts ? Kind of sounds like some sort of sex trade !

Spotted this in a magazine yesterday and noticed that bars are selling it: So the people who make Stella are now doing Cider. I can just imagine the novelty factor on Friday nights combining Stella Lager and Stella Cider. I wonder what the name will be – beaten snake ?

I think this picture from a main street in Cambridge pretty much sums up the Cambridge Dining Experience: Yep, instead of walking along the street with a Kebab, you can actually sit in having one. Unbelievable.

Cambridge Station this afternoon. Automated announcement (implying the situation reasonably common): “We apologise for the late running of the Stansted Airport Service on Platform 4, due to disruptive passengers”

Lloyds TSB University Branch, Cambridge. Saturday 18 June 2011, ca. 1:54PM. Large queue waiting for tellers. Behind me a rough looking guy, 2 simple people behind him, then a Chinese student. Bureau de Change becomes free, so Chinese guy skips the queue and goes to use it (sensible use I believe). I don’t actually notice, […]

I’m stuck as usual on a BA flight, boarded, and it’s running late. A new way of describing lateness though, from the Captain (at 850, scheduled departure 855): “we are all ready to go, although the departure time on our watches is 930). If the flight is late, why not just admit it’s late, rather […]

Pub conversation a few weeks ago I mentioned I’d never eaten a Fray Bentos steak pie before. I think we go onto the topic when I was recalling a funny sketch in the office when someone is asked who is the president of Cuba, and David Brent replies “Fray Bentos” instead of Fidel Castro ! […]

Lots of upcoming travel. I’ve realised I’m not going to be in the UK much over the next few months. Still, should keep the stress level down, save for the times having to travel through UK airports. The Virgin flight has changed to 2hrs later now (much better than 2hrs earlier once which was a […]