Friday, April 19th, 2024

Spotted this the other week at Cambridge station: Platform hosts ? Kind of sounds like some sort of sex trade !

Cambridge Station this afternoon. Automated announcement (implying the situation reasonably common): “We apologise for the late running of the Stansted Airport Service on Platform 4, due to disruptive passengers”

I’m stuck as usual on a BA flight, boarded, and it’s running late. A new way of describing lateness though, from the Captain (at 850, scheduled departure 855): “we are all ready to go, although the departure time on our watches is 930). If the flight is late, why not just admit it’s late, rather […]

I’m back home. Actually, I got back Wednesday night but have been feeling really bad for the past few days. I hate flying with a really bad cold. This cold has been the strangest I’ve ever had – all in the head area. I found myself in a cold sweat and hallucinating on the flight […]

As I write this I’ve just passed Sweden, that’s my usual bearing point for long distance trips from the east when I realise I am nearly home. The flight has been hellish due to children. The dental researchers who identified that putting dummies in kids mouths wasn’t good should be forced to live in prisons […]

Being in a foreign country involves the obligatory day tour. Over the years I’ve come up with a reasonable formula for day tours: 1. Book a personal 1:1 tour. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, you don’t have to deal with the annoying people who tend to be late or get lost […]

A few random things so far from the holiday: Ice cream cups – I really like the clever (and eco friendly) approach to ice cream cups made of wafer: A small basket brought to your sun lounger, comprising water, cold towel, and a cold water spray: Crackers you get anytime you sit down and have […]

Spotted this on the train recently. You see your average Cambridge vandal has excellent detail. In this case, here’s the sign in the train loo: The sign states that the seat lid has to be lowered. Therefore: It’s lowered to the lowest possible position – the floor !

There used to be a show on Channel 4 years ago featuring a guy with a really large mobile phone shouting on it: I was one a train a few weeks back and there was a girl in front playing a game on her iPad which reminded me of using a gadget in a form […]

The title sounds like something you’d see in a Daily Mail headline when there isn’t a recent reality TV show scandal, political scandal, or a report on immigration levels. In my case, another total bullshit sign at Cambridge Station: The text at the bottom I find funny, indicating that WARNING signs will be placed around […]