Sunday, June 16th, 2024

I’m down, in fact I’m really down. Partly it’s down to being really tired (I can hardly keep my eyes open), but also right now everything seems total shit. Life is too complicated and things are taking a direction I really don’t want. I crave simplicity, I wish I could just be on a desert […]

I stayed over in London a good few weeks back. On leaving the hotel very early in the morning I spotted this: Yes, a van drives up to a bulding. Man gets out, picks hose from back of van and then goes over to water the window boxes !

I think this pic sums up the attitude of the service industry in the UK. Clearly people can’t be bothered updating the prices on the menu, but the customer is expected to pay the increase in VAT.

In London the other week and spotted this during a visit to Hoxton Square: Yep, a public urinal in the middle of the square. Clever (albeit not aesthetic) solution to the problem of men relieving themselves in public places. Somehow I doubt we’ll ever see these in Cambridge (although they’d actually make Market Square look […]

.. for a few hours. Sitting in the lounge at Newcastle Airport waiting for my flight to Heathrow, then onto Tokyo ! It feels strange being offline for a few days.

Walked into the local supermarket earlier today to pick up some wine and a Sunday Times. That sounds like a recipe for disaster (well, okay at least it wasn’t News of The World), but I needed to relax and deemed that as the best option to do so. As I walked by the crisp section […]

Woke up this morning in a crappy mood. I don’t know why- culmination of a number of things I guess. I had about 5 days of not micro managing things and not being on a grind. In short, the lifestyle change I planned lasted about 4.5 days. I’m on the road again next week, but […]

Whilst Cambridge could be classed as one of the culinary deserts of Europe, Glasgow could be classed as one of the culinary capitals. Such a variation of foods due to the ethnic diversity. In particular, amazing curry and spiced food. Of course everything is fried, but that just makes it even more yummy.. Indian (well […]

Spotted this whilst waiting for the train at Slough: Strange attraction (didn’t have time to read the profile).

Bought one of these the other day- excuse the poorly set scene (on packed train). Sheer genius- the ability to enjoy wine on the train direct from the glass. Such a clever idea- I hope the person who came up with it makes lots of money !