Saturday, July 20th, 2024

When the leaflets about Swine Flu were published last month I happened to make a ‘joke’ to people about parents organising ‘Swine Flu Parties’. Of course I was only joking and didn’t think anybody would be so stupid as to actually do it. Well, BBC News this morning reported that people are organising such parties- […]

So, it’s Tuesday and I’m still without iPhone 3GS. I’ve decided that the most sensible option is to move over to a Business Tariff as this gives me the option to upgrade every 12 months. Of course I’ve been trying to figure out what to do for a week now and everyone at O2 I […]

At the airport at Dubai I was purchasing some reading material for the flight and picked up a copy of GQ (the British version- as the US version only has ads in it). At the time I didn’t look too closely at the cover, so when I boarded the flight I pulled the magazine out […]

Slow week this week, weather in Cambridge has been fairly good so not the usual depression- managed to get to the waterside for some drinks a few nights during the week. BrightonSaturday in Brighton with friends. I liked Brighton- somewhat different from what I expected it to be. I guess the biggest difference was just […]

Had dinner/drinks with one of my friends from school (secondary) last night. We live about 5 mins from each other, but only get a chance to meet up at the most twice a year (at the very most) due to work/family life. I took the following picture which summaries the atmosphere. Actually it’s a pretty […]

d’Arry’s: Excellent Food and ServiceLunch today at d’Arry’s (King Street). As usual, the service was excellent and the food superb. Easily the best value for money place in Cambridge in my opinion. Staff are always fantastic- even in busy times. Only gripe being mint in the potatoes – why not actually tell people that ? […]

So, back in the Sunny UK… As usual arriving back at Heathrow was the usual shambles, 30 mins or so ahead of schedule but of course needed to circle London for a while. It does make me laugh all the eco-intiatives that take place on the land at Heathrow (like towing ‘planes out of the […]

Spent today relaxing, got bored and decided to go shopping. Given I’ve been eating restaurant food for the past 3 weeks I decided to try and find a supermarket to grab some basic food and not have to eat it at a table where someone was serving me (eat at my own pace). Low and […]

..Spend like the Emarati’s.. (Google tells me that’s what you call people from Dubai). So far the trip has been good on the gadgets front (or bad on the wallet front). I always like to browse stores when I travel for techno gadgets. I also have a fascination (nice way of putting it) for stationery […]

Okay, so this location based web thing really is beginning to p*** me off. I want to login to Blogger to make some changes. I don’t understand Arabic, so figured if I log into Google then maybe it might just figure out I am from the UK and so switch back to English. Yeh, great […]