Sunday, June 16th, 2024

I don’t know what’s up with me right now. I don’t have any energy or creativity. I sat at the computer yesterday starting at a blank screen trying to write a presentation, I just couldn’t come up with anything, nothing at all. Normally, I’m full of ideas. Likewise, I couldn’t come up with the energy […]

Walked into the local supermarket earlier today to pick up some wine and a Sunday Times. That sounds like a recipe for disaster (well, okay at least it wasn’t News of The World), but I needed to relax and deemed that as the best option to do so. As I walked by the crisp section […]

Worked from home on a Friday. I’ve blogged about it before, but some things are just so delicious that they merit being mentioned again. I was busy until 1PM then realised I hadn’t had any lunch. So I thought I’d go round to the butchers and buy some cold meat for a sandwich. As I […]

Woke up this morning in a crappy mood. I don’t know why- culmination of a number of things I guess. I had about 5 days of not micro managing things and not being on a grind. In short, the lifestyle change I planned lasted about 4.5 days. I’m on the road again next week, but […]

Dinner in London last night. Chinese near Kings Cross. I was taken there the other week by a colleague’s husband. Decided to go back last night for another try. I forget the name of the place. Anyways, I needed to visit the toilet. It was downstairs – the type where the toilet is located downstairs […]

Great start to the morning. Reading the Cambridge student website and the lead story is about poor shopping experiences. It gloats on how Oxford is ranked the worst (the usual rivalry), but then goes on to talk about Cambridge being not much better. You can read the full story here. A quick analysis: ” bland […]

I’m bored. It’s back to work tomorrow. I have a load of holiday left, but I think I need a project to keep my occupied. I bought a new MacBook Pro whilst on travelling. It’s nice to be able to get things Duty Free (i.e. 17.5% discount off normal shop prices) by taking a flight […]

Whilst Cambridge could be classed as one of the culinary deserts of Europe, Glasgow could be classed as one of the culinary capitals. Such a variation of foods due to the ethnic diversity. In particular, amazing curry and spiced food. Of course everything is fried, but that just makes it even more yummy.. Indian (well […]

That should be the BA slogan. I’ve never had a flight on time and today didn’t change that. A 70min flight delayed by 30mins. Today’s bullshit excuse – late arrival from Paris of incoming flight. Could have predicted that one 6 months ago. Updated: it ended up being 70mins late, pathetic…



Saw this in a gallery at the weekend and decided to purchase it. I really like the Norfolk/Suffolk seaside scenes with really nice bright colours.