Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Amazon mailings are useful sometimes, but for the most part I delete them. I think it’s mainly because I buy most of my media digitally nowadays. However, I must confess I never quite expected to see this in my inbox: WTF ? Amazon have a box that you click that says “Not Interested”, I think […]

Decided to head into London today. Got up really early, checked the National Rail Enquiries app on the iPhone: Great ! trains are running. Jumped in the car to the station. Got to the station, umm, nobody there. Still, the locals probably are too scared of going into the big city when it’s busy. Car […]

I’ve never really appreciated the different renditions of classical music until tonight. In the car earlier, I happened to switch on to Classic FM, partly because there is a poor reception spot on the M11 where Classic FM seems to be one of the few channels that works well. I think it maybe down to […]

I’ve been craving beef sandwiches for some time. 2 recent experiences to help satisfy the cravings: Automat, London I like this place. It’s in the style of an American diner. I always usually have the brisket sandwich, washed down with a beer (Sol in this case): T-Junction, Ipswich The concept is sheer genius. Satisfy the […]

The weather has been cold over the past week. I say cold, as opposed to frozen, as it isn’t actually that cold. There’s no wind chill, and until recently no snow on the ground to create a fridge style atmosphere. It never fails to amaze me how the country shuts down, but that’s another posting. […]

Cambridge is awful for food shopping. Given that Cambridge could be given the title ‘chain capital of the world’, it’s no surprise that there is a lack of small quality food shops. Okay, you could go to Mill Road, but that’s a total nightmare when it comes to getting there as there’s no easy parking […]

Headline in the FT this morning. My immediate thought: “Is that not a Magistrates Court ?”.

Work dinner night before last. There was a secret santa – I’ve never done this before. However, I did receive a somewhat funny gift from a colleague (I knew instantly who it was as soon as I opened the wrapping paper). I generally eat breakfast (muesli) from a pint glass. The reason is simple – […]

90mins left to go of stress, before I can finally relax. Over 2 weeks holiday looming – amazing how views and mood change knowing that !

Yep, I know it’s sad. But I’m finally on the train into London. The highlight of my week ? Fish and Chips on the way home, that’s assuming the cab driver will be willing to stop and wait for me (remember this is Cambridge, things aren’t dictated by the usual capitalist desire to make money). […]