Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Out the other night made me realise just how the weather has changed dramatically in the past couple of weeks. I recall it being really cold even just 2 weeks ago. Now it feels much warmer and thankfully the nights are getting lighter (slowly). Flicking through photos on my iPhone this morning and came across […]

The title sounds like something you’d see in a Daily Mail headline when there isn’t a recent reality TV show scandal, political scandal, or a report on immigration levels. In my case, another total bullshit sign at Cambridge Station: The text at the bottom I find funny, indicating that WARNING signs will be placed around […]

The weather has been cold over the past week. I say cold, as opposed to frozen, as it isn’t actually that cold. There’s no wind chill, and until recently no snow on the ground to create a fridge style atmosphere. It never fails to amaze me how the country shuts down, but that’s another posting. […]

It always amazes me how windy is gets in Cambridge – I guess it’s something to do with how flat it is. Still, the one thing we don’t have is horizontal rain that I’m used to having lived in the west coast of Scotland. Here’s a short video showing how a typical day can turn […]