Friday, April 19th, 2024

They always joke about people in this part of the world having strange genetic defects due to inbreeding. I used to joke that around here the machines they have for measuring your feet (well at least they used to when I was a child) had a height dimension on them due to people having different […]

Sitting at my desk listening to some music and reading the Sunday Supplements. I’ve realised that reading them in the evening with a nice glass of Whisky makes for a very pleasant end to the weekend.

In the Co-Op yesterday, paid for my goods (served by the clerasil brigade as usual that required an extra person to ID me), then spotted this: I’ve never bought the Eastern Daily Press before, but felt compelled to buy a copy of it. How living in East Anglia could I not have known about the […]

This has to be one of the best Xmas decorations I have ever seen. Pretty tasteful, and the Xmas trees in each of the windows look really clean with a great choice of colours: I like Xmas decorations on buildings, this is from Edinburgh a couple of years back:

Really I hear you say ? I took this picture this morning before leaving home: My thought was ‘flurry of snow, great that’ll be whole of the South East shut down’. The reality was different, things ran to clockwork in terms of infrastructure. However, and here’s where my caring humble approach ends: WHY WHY WHY […]

The other day I realised steak was in the fridge. I opened up the container (WMF containers are just so so practical) and spotted 2 steaks ! Now of course they couldn’t go to waste so decided to cook both of them: Eventually this was my dinner (tasted better than it looked): Coupled with this […]

I woke up with my head clear. I think in part it’s down to having 2 nights sleep in a row that could be described as ‘quality’. Yesterday was also a day of comfort food (steak and cake for want of a better phrase). I feel more positive about a number of things, and a […]

(that’s of the railway variety before anyone gets excited). When I was heading for Narita the other week I spotted a small model of the train on the cart the girl was pulling through the train selling tea and coffee etc. I realised I had to have one as a memento. I hope that doesn’t […]

When I was a child we used to pass Arnotts (a shop House of Fraser had bought over) in my parents car pretty much every Friday. There would always be a ‘Sale’ sign in the window and I’d always point it out to my parents. I guess even at an early age I spotted anomalies […]

I realised this morning I have too many open threads and things flying around. I need to get closure on a few things – but it seems to be a challenge / struggle recently given that other people need to be involved. Today was a reasonable proactive start to the day, only to be caught […]