Sunday, June 16th, 2024

I’ve randomly come across episodes and references to MasterChef over the past months. Whilst I like some TV cooking shows, I find the personalities involved generally to be irritating. I guess what bothers me the most about MasterChef is that you have 2 hosts critiquing food, but you never actually see them produce anything. That […]

Full size (i.e. people size) chess boards seem to be popular here in Bali. I forgot to take a picture of one at the first hotel I stayed at, so was delighted when I spotted another one at a hotel visited for lunch today: I like to use a chessboard analogy for corporate planning in […]

Queuing at an ATM today, blazing heat, inferior intelligence people in front of me clearly never having used an ATM in a foreign country before. Whilst queuing a guy comes up trying to sell newspapers. He’s got a number of Aussie newspapers he’s trying to sell. When I say no to them, he pulls some […]

No, we’re not talking Cafe Nero in Cambridge, but instead a find here in Bali. Visited a coffee plantation, well not just a coffee plantation but also cocoa: Throw in a few cockerels in cages ‘being trained for fighting’ just to satisfy the tourist hunger for something gruesome and you’ve got a perfect money maker. […]

First stop on the tour the other day was a temple. Indonesian temples are quite boring to look at compared to Buddhist ones, very basic in nature and grey in construction (i.e. no colour) which gets black over time. I learned that they have cock fighting at temple events, I explained to the guide that […]

Holidays are not complete without some form of sporting activity. For most that would a game of beach volleyball, maybe a couple of rounds of golf, rounders, or otherwise. In my case, it’s tennis. Not your usual form of tennis, but fly killing tennis. I discovered this bat when I arrived ! It’s amazing. You […]

Spotted this on Facebook earlier between 2 colleagues (one British, the other Asian): 1. British guy posts picture of his child. 2. Asian guy posts “Wow nobody will doubt she is your daughter!! Very cute” 3. British guy responds “Actually my son!” 4. Asian guy responds “Hahaha sorry.. He is still cute…”

Spotted this on the train recently. You see your average Cambridge vandal has excellent detail. In this case, here’s the sign in the train loo: The sign states that the seat lid has to be lowered. Therefore: It’s lowered to the lowest possible position – the floor !

At a busy Central London bus stop today. 2 sisters, around 13 years old, with their mother. One sister looking grumpy at the actions of the other. The mothers words: “Leave your sister alone, she’s PMT’ing” Not only was it said once by mistake, it was repeated several times. Being British, we all didn’t know […]

Amazon mailings are useful sometimes, but for the most part I delete them. I think it’s mainly because I buy most of my media digitally nowadays. However, I must confess I never quite expected to see this in my inbox: WTF ? Amazon have a box that you click that says “Not Interested”, I think […]