Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Recent events made me realise how not being in Cambridge over the holiday period is such a sensible thing for my sanity. A common thread being uber-ignorant locals, the location in both cases being the John Lewis group a pure coincidence (albeit their shops seem to be a magnet for the type of irritating middle […]

I think this picture from a main street in Cambridge pretty much sums up the Cambridge Dining Experience: Yep, instead of walking along the street with a Kebab, you can actually sit in having one. Unbelievable.

Lloyds TSB University Branch, Cambridge. Saturday 18 June 2011, ca. 1:54PM. Large queue waiting for tellers. Behind me a rough looking guy, 2 simple people behind him, then a Chinese student. Bureau de Change becomes free, so Chinese guy skips the queue and goes to use it (sensible use I believe). I don’t actually notice, […]

Here’s a first. Had dinner tonight with a colleague at the Cambridge Chop House. Empty restaurant, save for 3 young people in a fairly heated discussion. Our waiter seems a good guy, doesn’t even want to charge me for substituting mushroom for carrots. Conversation is flowing, then this idiot comes over from behind the counter […]

I’ve not been in Cambridge for a few weeks now. I ended up in the city for 50 mins and several things irritated me. 1. Apple Store I go to buy a hard drive. They have various models and, as usual, the staff in Apple stores have pretty much zero product knowledge. Choice is a […]

That’s my new parody on the hit Channel 4 TV show ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’. Walking through market square right now, I felt so frustrated at how crap the market in the centre looks: I mean I know people here have such crap taste when it comes to aesthetics, but come on. Why is […]

There’s a particular type of Cambridge-oid that I particularly despise. It’s the late 40’s husband and wife brought up in middle class England and who clearly have never suffered any hardship and so focus their entire lives on trivialities. They are so easy to spot: * Cars – he absolutely will drive an Audi. Depending […]

I think this picture sums up the truly selfish and self-centred nature of some people in Cambridge. In this case leaving bikes at the doors of the train, but no getting up early so that they were first off the train and thus not blocking the exit:

Whilst those in the South East would consider steak with a nice glass of red wine a normal dinner experience, here’s the Glasgow equivalent (albeit sourced in Cambridge): That’s Fish and Chips, with a bottle of Irn Bru. There’s something about Irn Bru that goes well with greasy food – it’s quite a refreshing drink […]

I think the picture below (taken the other week) sums up the catastrophe that is Sainsbury’s in Cambridge (there are 2, equally bad)- no ‘normal’ milk left. Still, gives me a different example to use than ‘potatoes’ which was the case once before. What a systematic failure of running a business to not have the […]