Friday, April 19th, 2024

It’s funny, for sometime now I’ve been a bit bored with the tech scene. I guess it’s partly due to the economic situation that companies have been holding back releasing products. Then, like a bus a load of them come along at the same time and the wallet takes a hit. Working in the tech […]

I’m drained, that’s the only way of describing it. I’ve been away from home for nearly 2 weeks and not had a break (even at the weekends). Just feels like a constant grind with zero enjoyment. The good news is that I’ve managed to clear a lot of stuff, but feeling really really tired. I’m […]

As I walked up to street level from the San Francisco metro and crossed the road I saw this: It made me smile. I took a photo and gave the guy a dollar for the privilege to do so. Contrast this to your British beggar (don’t mean the Big Issue people) who will just sit […]

When I travel I always take a number of DVDs with me to watch. Of course this is slowly being replaced by iTunes. Having an iTunes US account works a treat as 2 of my favourite shows are just about to premiere (always amazes me how I pick up US terminology even after a few […]

I rarely have dreams, or as someone pointed out, rarely bring them into focus so I’m aware of them. Regardless, they are always nightmares, tend to be when I have too much sleep (rare) and usually are influenced by something in the past/next day. What I always find interesting is the (high) level of detail […]

I don’t often really get stressed but today has been a real pain trying to close out a lot of things before i head out tomorrow on a 2 week US trip. Particularly painful since I should (fingers crossed) be moving relatively shortly after I return at the end of the month. I feel as […]

I’ve come to the conclusion that buying a house is (relative to selling) easy, whilst selling a house is a complete pain. I spent 2hrs yesterday with the people buying the current house going through everything and explaining to them the procedure. Then several hours on the ‘phone this morning chasing up things and pulling […]

I had to grab a form for re-direction of mail yesterday, so I logged onto the Post Office website and then typed ‘moving house’ into the search field. Behold- a whole load of random crap comes up about mortgages etc. Why can’t people stick to what they are good at ? Why must everything be […]

A new term I thought of this morning to define things that I see and need to blog about, specifically things that are irritating/funny. Well, today’s trip involves going to Cambridge rail station, then sitting on a train into London, so I’m absolutely sure there will be ample fodder… Upper Crust, Cambridge StationA particular ‘favourite’ […]

Just 2 days back in the UK and I’m back to the grind of 13hr days in the office as there feels so much to do. I’ve been tired as have gone to be too early and waking up at 3AM the past few mornings. I’m not sure if it’s worth getting back on a […]