Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Sitting in the Virgin lounge waiting for my flight to Hong Kong, then onto Taipei. 2 keynote presentations (Hsinchu and then onto Shanghai) plus a load of other meetings. It feels so long since I have been to Asia. Manage to have a few days in Hong Kong next weekend also. Looking forward to it, […]

Standing in the queue in Borders today, simple set of transactions following me. Then I realise that the shop assistant is trying to persuade the lady buying her book to sign up for some e-mail notifications. Of course she wasn’t of the internet generation so it all had to be explained. Next onto Marks and […]

Sitting here at a Starbucks in Cambridge finally relaxing. It feels like a few months of meetings, late nights, weekends away, and lots to do (the other night I felt pretty down as there just didn’t seem to be any stop in it). Finally having some relaxation time this weekend… * Snow Leopard – just […]

Tonight I left the office and realised that once again I’m destined for a week of late nights. I normally can cope, but the realisation of 7AM to 9PM many nights (being one of the first in and last out) for some reason had me really down today…

There’s a particular type of middle class Glaswegian (person from Glasgow) that I absolutely despise. The main trait is 100% absolute selfishness that one can only compare to the contempt people had for peasants back in the Victorian era ! In this case we have 2 businessman on Easyjet flight 215 today (4th row from […]

Sitting at Stansted Airport waiting for my flight to board. I hate Stansted Airport, even though it is close to Cambridge it doesn’t have the services. I’ve had to kill an hour here (worried about strikes impacting other train services). What’s funny is that it occurred to me that it’s the first time for as […]

Another long day, 7AM to 9PM in the office. A good day, though a call at the end I ended up loosing my rag a little. Heading up to Scotland on Thursday night- meet up with friends back from New Zealand and then off to Edinburgh to meet up with people from our Taiwan office. […]

CinzanoCinzano ads in the 80’s had a common theme- Leonard Rossiter with Joan Collins where he spills the drink over her. This one is my favourite…. Holy Moly I’m a fan of the website ‘Holy Moly’ – they have a section called ‘The Corner’ (warning bad language, but I did find the site courtesy of […]

Sunday night and what I am about to do ?, go make popcorn and watch a TV show about Crystal Meth addiction. That just doesn’t seem right !

I’ve blogged about this before, but I really do find local news so amusing. As I walked through Cambridge yesterday I saw the following text at the stall selling newspapers: “Man found dead in city centre flat” My immediate thought was running up and writing the following text below: “hadn’t found secret to eternal life” […]