Friday, April 19th, 2024

This Week A pretty strange week in terms of things going on plus lots of late night calls with work. Sometimes it feels like I get up in the morning, shower, work, then by 10PM I’ve finished and ready to go to sleep again. Didn’t get much sleep across the week- not good given I’m […]

A bit down today for some reason. I woke up fairly early and was in the office by just after 7AM. By 3PM I was exhausted. Still managing to keep my mind clear and come up with ideas etc. and trying to keep positive. My MacBook Air is slowly dying – not sure if it’s […]

Chinese New Year Lunch CNY lunch at the Peking (easily best Chinese food in Cambridge in my opinion). Getting there of course was a serious pain due to ongoing roadworks in Cambridge – I often think “Shouldn’t Cambridge be twinned with Beirut ?“. They are doing lots of roadworks over a bridge to support a […]

Spent this morning in London, followed by the afternoon cleaning up the house in preparation for agents to come round and value it. I’d just love to be able to move house without a chain and might have a way to do it (fingers crossed). Of course I still have to get round the fact […]

Customer Service (or lack of it) Yesterday morning I decided to take the bus into work, got to the bus-stop and realised I only had a £10 note (not an issue when you live in a big city, but hey we’re talking Cambridge here and to people here £10 seems to be a lot of […]

Just spotted an advert for Spam Fritters ! It’s official – the UK suffering – to the extent that 1970’s products are being revamped for the cost conscious consumer. What’s next – Birds Eye Steakhouse Grills (the ad with the blue Ford Transit and workmen signing along), or perhaps Bernard Matthews advertising Turkey Burgers ?? Burns night soon […]

Tired tonight after a long day. Last night I tried to get off to sleep but there was a really bad buzzing sound from the bathroom in my hotel room. I figured it was the aircon, tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t. Realised that it would be a bit bizarre being at a […]

I’m writing this from the hotel at Heathrow airport. I’m here on business. Hotel airports are strange in terms of the constant commute of people. Each time I pass checkin there’s another raft of people. It must be soul destroying to work at the desk in a place like this.  The Sheraton hotel I’m staying […]

Read on the BBC website a story ‘Boy, 7, has never eaten a meal’ describing a child (from Edinburgh) that had issues with eating (proper) food. Interview with his mother saying he sometimes nibbles on things, but in very very small amounts. Far be it from me to comment, but maybe she’s just a really […]

35 Today Nothing to write home about, but I’m now in the age bracket 35+. Kind of depressing :(. Lunch in London Lunch at the Ritz today for my birthday. Surprisingly normal collection of people compared to what I expected (of course there were the “I am British” set of people you see in all […]