Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Breakfast this morning at the airport. The journey wasn’t too bad. The driver was 10 mins early (good) and the journey done in just over an hour. If it was like this all the time, I could see the benefit of the car. Sadly, too many memories of Monday morning San Francisco flights stuck in […]

Tomorrow starts a 2 week travel journey, involving: * San Francisco/San Jose * Los Angeles (I don’t want to say LA as that makes me sound as if I’m in the entertainment industry) * London * Cambridge (for about 13hrs, a near optimal duration of time spent in Cambridge) * Peterborough/Durham/Newcastle * London * Tokyo/Yokohama […]

UK transport never fails to amaze me. I must confess there is something to be said for getting the 12:04 (midnight) mid-week train from Kings Cross to Cambridge – it always runs on time ! However, throw a Sunday in the equation and you are doomed. Simple task: get to Heathrow on Sunday morning for […]

So you may think I have posted this photo before (lunch from the local butcher, Hot Roast Pork sandwiches): Incorrect, a twist this time. I walked in at 1PM to the butcher to the smell of cooking meat. Didn’t even happen to open my mouth, “Hot Pork Rolls, Sir ?”. I nodded my head. Out […]

I finally got one of the desks in my office fixed today. I found these desks by accident in a department store in London about a year back. I have two of them. One fixed, and the other tilts up and down – great for sketching and reviewing presentations on paper. I always work on […]

It’s funny how things change as they age. Some things get better (they say leather jackets, car engines, etc.). And some get worse (car, notebooks, etc.). What I can say is that my new lawn will never look like this ever again:

I felt pretty crappy the latter part of the morning (mixture of cold and stress), so realised I need to have some healthy food. That in my mind means eating en-masse vegetables either in the form of soup or salad. I decided to opt for the salad option. Of course being me, a vital ingredient […]

Went out to try and get a healthy breakfast, then spotted Xmas pies in the Co-Op. I love puff pastry Xmas pies, I just can’t see how anyone would like any form of them. A quick pic:

I took a few pics on the journey back home the other week, realised I hadn’t posted them: View from the Virgin Lounge at SFO: Taxi’ing out: Taking off:

I bought this notebook and pencil a few weeks ago for inspiration, but never actually got around to using it until yesterday: I’d been trying to pick up the notebook for about a year whilst travelling, but at every airport or store I went to they never had any. By chance I was in London […]