Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Breakthrough. Finally this week I managed to get the telephone number from the old house to the new one. Now you’d think that moving less than half a mile that would be a really simple task. Sadly, instead it’s taken nearly 4 months to do so – mainly due to having to move service supplier […]

Today was the first time I had my office at home in a reasonable shape. Blinds are still on order, but otherwise I think I’m pretty much done with things. Over the past few weeks I’ve realised that Muji appeals to my (minor) OCD issue with things having to match. For example, if I have […]

Monday was Burns night. A tradition where various Scottish foods (and of course Whisky) is consumed in honour of the Scottish poet Robert Burns. Personally I’ve never read any of his stuff myself, although I’m sure we had some readings at school but forgotten all about it. Burns night is interesting as it’s one of […]

So I watched the keynote live yesterday on the iPad after returning from Oxford. I had already indicated to people that I generally don’t buy first generation products that are new and novel as usually there are teething problems. That said, I did buy one of the first MacBook Air’s (happened to be in San […]

It never fails to amaze me just how poor the UK is in terms of Internet connectivity outside of the home or office. I usually laugh at all the comments about next generation gadgets as I know that deep down the network infrastructure we have for wireless is just so poor and unable to cope. […]

Ignore the comment (actually I think the comment is more applicable to men, than women). But this did make me laugh:

Into London today again and of course the train is completely full. Actually, I should be grateful as the train departed late and I didn’t expect to catch this train anyway. The trains aren’t that frequent on Sundays as the poor train drivers aren’t paid enough and so have decided not to work overtime. I’ll […]

Colleague (British) over from our US office this week so a few of us arranged to go into London for a boys day out. That sounds ominous, but remember we’re talking people who work in tech so usually results in drinks, food, HMV, Apple Store and other similar pastimes. I had gone into London a […]

Rant warning !, in reverse chronological order… So, decided to go to the cinema tonight. I actually hate going to the cinema in Cambridge. Partly, because it is pretty dire (uncomfortable etc.), also in an uncomfortable environment (i.e. one is surrounded by Cambridge people). Of course you have to suffer the Clearasil brigade serving you. […]

I often buy design magazines like Wallpaper really just to browse through- plenty of pictures to look at ! However, sometimes I find something that looks great or is a really novel way to solve a problem. In this case, it’s a folding mains plug. For those not familiar, the British Mains Plug is a […]