Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Sitting in the Virgin Lounge at Heathrow waiting to board the flight to San Francisco. I woke up early this morning (car booked at 7:30 to take me to LHR). What a really nice morning – although I was a little unhappy to have to head off (though San Jose I’m sure will be nice […]

I get this newspaper posted through the door every week. I guess I have very little connection with the ‘real’ Cambridge, so I do make attempt to have a quick scan through it every week (largely for stupid stories). Of course like any weekly newspaper it contains lots of random nonsense: * Front cover: person […]

Went to the pub after a long day at work last night- needed a Scotch & Soda to try and relax. I really dislike the sense of humour some people have around Cambridge – the sort of supposed intellectual humour that involves making a joke at someone’s expense due to their wrong (or ambiguous) choice […]

I’m so tired today, yesterday (and the previous day) was a very very long day stuck on calls until very late in the evening. It isn’t helped by the fact that it’s nice and sunny outside and I can’t enjoy it !!

Rest assured I won’t be giving up the day job. On reflection, maybe I should try something easier next time ?

The European Elections are coming up and so I have the usual batch of political leaflets through the door. However, this time they come with a (worrying) twist – the BNP (British National Party) have started leafleting. Of course I’m sure I could have prevented receiving a leaflet by putting a sign up ‘Scottish Lives […]

I took the picture below (after a few drinks) at a restaurant in Oxford a couple of weeks ago. I guess after a few glasses of wine and waiting outside the loos I got bored and started to look around for something to catch my attention (talking to people is considered inappropriate in situations like […]

So it’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK. Traditionally I guess that implied that everything (including Banks) were closed. However, with the usual times I guess we are used to things being open. Woke up this morning, decided to head into Cambridge to run some errands. Checked John Lewis’ website and it indicated they […]

aka. Crime Report… Nice bit of classic British double negative there with a European theme given the upcoming European elections (plenty of blog fodder coming later on that topic). No, this post isn’t about listening to an Edith Piaf track (which is very good btw), but instead about something mulling over my mind…. Dinner at […]

Unlike most places I’ve been to, where a market is something that is mobile and comes for the day, Cambridge has a market that is permanent (no, not a shop, a permanent market stall). Now you’d think that would result in things looking fairly nice in line with the overall (supposed) character of Cambridge City […]