Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Needed to post some things back to the UK. Of course my expectations of Post Offices in Asia are significantly higher after experiences described a couple of years back here. However, I was a little concerned when I arrived at what was supposed to be the ‘main’ Post Office: Of course my concerns were unfounded, […]

Something I’ve been passionate about for some time is the need to have better identity and security management on our digital devices. This comes from 2 key angles from my perspective as a user – convenience and security. The mess the industry is in today was highlighted overnight when I was trying to make a […]

Shock horror. 2 bits of customer service in the UK that have been outstanding. Dinner at the Orrery in Marylebone London. Amazing service – the best I’ve ever received in the UK. Upon arrival no shitty comments about not having a reservation, taken to a table straight away. The food was absolutely amazing. A couple […]

I found this on YouTube, I think it shows the attention to detail and level of service that you get in Japan:

London (as usual) Delivers Dinner at Eat Thai in London last night. Absolutely superb as usual. Perfect experience: Prompt service.Being an impatient person I love the fact that they capitalise on the fact that they have a number of people serving and they don’t give you the usual Western bullshit about it being one specific […]

Woke up at 5:30AM this morning. It’s funny how your body clock and mind works isn’t it ? I remember at school I used to always have problems getting up for school, and my parents would always hassle me. Come the weekend, I’d be up really early and getting my parents out of bed ! […]

One of the big things I really like about travelling in Asia is the quality of service you (usually) get, particularly in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan- China hasn’t really got used to the service thing yet. When you travel a significant amount and spend a lot of life on flights and in hotels […]

Been pretty busy at work over the past few months so limited lunches out. Of course there’s The Wrestlers in Newmarket Road (down side being full of people I’d usually find irritating). The Six Bells in Fulbourn is good (especially since they let us eat in the restaurant area so we can talk work and […]

England has this really dumb rule about Sunday opening hours- it’s only been in the past decade or so that shops (major chains) are allowed to open on Sundays- but only for 6 hours maximum. Scotland of course has a more pragmatic approach to opening and is far more flexible. To get around the issue […]

d’Arry’s: Excellent Food and ServiceLunch today at d’Arry’s (King Street). As usual, the service was excellent and the food superb. Easily the best value for money place in Cambridge in my opinion. Staff are always fantastic- even in busy times. Only gripe being mint in the potatoes – why not actually tell people that ? […]