Friday, April 19th, 2024

I’m stuck as usual on a BA flight, boarded, and it’s running late. A new way of describing lateness though, from the Captain (at 850, scheduled departure 855): “we are all ready to go, although the departure time on our watches is 930). If the flight is late, why not just admit it’s late, rather […]

User interfaces in machines have always interested me. I regularly moan about the UI of the ticket machine at Cambridge station, another focus for frustration is the photocopier. Take something so simple, and put a crap UI on it. You can hear the error ‘beep’ so often when people use it that you’d think a […]

Here’s a first. Had dinner tonight with a colleague at the Cambridge Chop House. Empty restaurant, save for 3 young people in a fairly heated discussion. Our waiter seems a good guy, doesn’t even want to charge me for substituting mushroom for carrots. Conversation is flowing, then this idiot comes over from behind the counter […]

I planned to wake up very late this morning (i.e. after 9AM), but of course that failed. However, I did go past 7AM which is better than usual. This week has been really tiring. I don’t really like chairing and organising meetings, especially if there are a lot of objectives and data that has to […]