Friday, April 19th, 2024

I’m usually an aisle person, but on this last San Francisco journey I ended up having window seats. I like the ability to select my seat in advance with Virgin, but I hate the system that stops you from doing so once 60% of the seats are allocated. Anyways, the benefit of a window seat […]

Lots of upcoming travel. I’ve realised I’m not going to be in the UK much over the next few months. Still, should keep the stress level down, save for the times having to travel through UK airports. The Virgin flight has changed to 2hrs later now (much better than 2hrs earlier once which was a […]

I’m going home today. I realised that with the time difference that going back via LA wasn’t particularly efficient, so it’s SFO again today. I’m checked in already, grab a shower before I board and then hopefully get a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow starts a 2 week travel journey, involving: * San Francisco/San Jose * Los Angeles (I don’t want to say LA as that makes me sound as if I’m in the entertainment industry) * London * Cambridge (for about 13hrs, a near optimal duration of time spent in Cambridge) * Peterborough/Durham/Newcastle * London * Tokyo/Yokohama […]

I took a few pics on the journey back home the other week, realised I hadn’t posted them: View from the Virgin Lounge at SFO: Taxi’ing out: Taking off:

It’s a somewhat concerning thing that a couple of my blogs have featured food. Prior to coming out to the US I’d lost my appetite. However, it has certainly come back in the past few days. A few choice foods: Flat Bread and Dip This is one of my favourite nibbles prior to dinner. This […]

I never thought I’d say it, but I actually like it here and realised that I missed it. For some readers, this will be a serious revelation (and I do expect a few calls to confirm my sanity). I guess there is the comfort in being somewhere that you know pretty well. I’ve spent a […]

Listening to Adore by I:Cuec and Nara by E.S. Posthumous… I realised a few moments ago that I hadn’t seen anybody I knew on this flight. For a Monday flight used by many Euro people going to Silicon Valley that’s really surprising. I boarded and just went straight to my seat. Just got up a […]

In no particular order: Passport – check E-tickets – check Trousers – check Shirts – check Underwear – check (has been forgotten before) Toiletries – check Electronics – check Vast quantities of catchup reading – check I’m ready to go (properly) on the road again. It feels like so long (the longest since I was […]

Finally back home after a handover trip. Driving up to San Francisco I realised this was the last time I’d be doing this trip for my old job. A sense of sadness, but to be honest much more of relief ! Stationery Got the city and headed to the Japanese Stationery Store. I ended up […]