Friday, April 19th, 2024

Wandering around Cambridge yesterday I spotted this: Clever advertising to catch the high numbers of language students visiting from Asia. It does feel a little strange wandering round a high street in the UK and seeing writing in a foreign language though !

I dropped into a bookstore in Cambridge yesterday. The layout is bad (like most shops in Cambridge) so I usually always take the lift. I had a smile at the sign beside the lift: Now I’m not sure if it’s my strange mind, but my instant thought in a slightly less politically incorrect society, the […]

Finally back home after a handover trip. Driving up to San Francisco I realised this was the last time I’d be doing this trip for my old job. A sense of sadness, but to be honest much more of relief ! Stationery Got the city and headed to the Japanese Stationery Store. I ended up […]

Frustrated with myself that I didn’t head back home today (Friday) instead of waiting ’til tomorrow. I’m sitting here just as the VS020 would normally depart from SFO wishing I was on it. All meetings are finished, although it would have been a little stressful earlier in the week if I didn’t have the knowledge […]

Thankfully feeling better today. I’m pretty sure I contracted food poisoning as I had a very bad stomach ache (and the relevant other symptoms). Being in a hotel when ill really sucks, even worse in the US. I woke up this morning at 2AM (after sleeping for 10+ hours) and decided I needed something to […]

Arrived at the office yesterday and gave a 2hr slot in the morning. I then had lunch (not the most healthy) after walking back (yes, it is possible in San Jose to walk) I started to feel ill. By 2PM I was feeling at deaths door, walked into a meeting room, tried to start presenting […]

I hate poor timekeeping and the Bay area from experience is the worst place for it. Meetings rarely start on time, people wander in late etc. It really does bug me. When I used to give lectures at University I used to lock the door and prevent people from turning up late, in addition giving […]

Sitting in bed at 3:36AM in San Jose browing Amazon. I realise that I want to purchase some music. I’m just about to order, thinking it’ll be at home waiting for me when I get back Sunday and I can rip it into iTunes. I then realise I might be able to get it on […]

I have a folder that I keep on my desk at home labelled ‘F*** Ups’. In it are things that I have to keep on my radar ┬áthat need sorting as someone (or some organisation) has messed up. Living in the UK you have to deal with these sort of things on a daily basis. […]

Spotted this whilst passing M&S tonight: Am I the only person that thinks the posture is somewhat provocative and looks like someone wanting a fight ?