Saturday, July 20th, 2024

At a busy Central London bus stop today. 2 sisters, around 13 years old, with their mother. One sister looking grumpy at the actions of the other. The mothers words: “Leave your sister alone, she’s PMT’ing” Not only was it said once by mistake, it was repeated several times. Being British, we all didn’t know […]

This has to be one of the best Xmas decorations I have ever seen. Pretty tasteful, and the Xmas trees in each of the windows look really clean with a great choice of colours: I like Xmas decorations on buildings, this is from Edinburgh a couple of years back:

I woke up this morning feeling better in many ways, and finally a bit more motivated. Sketched some ideas and notes that have been running round in my head for a while but I just couldn’t get to paper. Yesterday I spent some time in London, the majority of which was spent outside. I realised […]

Dinner in London last night. Chinese near Kings Cross. I was taken there the other week by a colleague’s husband. Decided to go back last night for another try. I forget the name of the place. Anyways, I needed to visit the toilet. It was downstairs – the type where the toilet is located downstairs […]

For those wondering the title, it means I’m only showing you part of my breakfast. Actually, I had 2 macarons – I just thought about taking the photograph once I’d eaten one of them ! Although I was expecting rain in London, when I sat down at Burlington Arcade it started to clear up. There’s […]

This holiday weekend I’ve been in London 3 times: Friday night. Some drinks and dinner. I must confess to having a little too much to drink. Well okay, quite a bit too much to drink. Thankfully had a guest staying over so had someone with me to make sure I arrived back home safely. I […]

Today I’m working in London (Holborn). A really nice office, making me realise that I’m happy to be out of Engineering and into a more business environment. Even the staff in London are friendly ! Train in was hectic as usual. 12 carriages and completely full. I should buy shared in FCC as they clearly […]

Yesterday we had a day out in London for a friend who’s getting married in the next few weeks. London is such a great place for a day out. Plenty of pubs to choose from and pretty good service. Most stag weekends involve the ‘stag’ being humiliated, so I got in early, making him eat […]

I ended up in London yesterday to make some purchases. What I love about London is that when you decide you want something, there is a pretty high chance that you will be able to find it available and in stock. Of course you will likely pay more than Internet stores, but for someone impatient […]

Colleague (British) over from our US office this week so a few of us arranged to go into London for a boys day out. That sounds ominous, but remember we’re talking people who work in tech so usually results in drinks, food, HMV, Apple Store and other similar pastimes. I had gone into London a […]