Saturday, July 20th, 2024

I arrived at SFO on Monday afternoon. Of course my luggage had the usual Virgin US treatment of being beaten up and one of the wheels missing. It frustrates me, at the time I bought the bag I thought “these wheels will come off” – but decided that German build quality (Rimowa) would prevail. Well, […]

This has been a very good weekend for food. Although as I write this I’m getting really hungry – although 9PM isn’t the right time to rustle up some beef stew (what I have a craving for). So, this weeks food highlights: Tuesday – Turkish food at Effes in Cambridge. ┬áProbably the best Turkish food […]

Cambridge Railway Station Cambridge Railway Station is one of my serious stresses when it comes to living in Cambridge. Actually, it was my first impression of Cambridge years ago when I arrived here for a job interview. Coming from a proper city, I was amazed at how small it was. In all fairness, over the […]

This week has been really hectic – just far too much to do at work. I’ve been getting in just after 7AM, leaving no earlier than 7PM and then working ’til later in the evening. Thankfully it’s Thursday night and only a day to go (albeit one with a 6hr train journey). I’m pretty tired […]

Cambridge Supermarkets Another stress of living in Cambridge is the excuse for supermarkets. You’d think in the South East of England there would be fairly good logistics systems in place, but alas no. If you ever watch one of these ‘doom and gloom’ shows (like Survivors) which depict when society has some major epidemic, strike […]

Arrived early on the flight from SFO. As we flew over Wales it looked covered in snow- though I’m sure everything still managed to function. However, nearer London is was completely clear – makes me wonder what all the fuss was about regarding the place in meltdown (not a good choice of expression I know- […]

… A world first ! – I am at the airport on Friday traveling back home a day early due to meeting times being optimal for a change (usually it’s the opposite). It will also be good to get home early as I’m sure there will be carnage at LHR due to the poor weather […]

I’m finding the past few days I’m getting about 5hrs sleep. This is probably enough to survive on. However, I tend to find my concentration (and motivation) reduces when I don’t have enough sleep. I guess this will be one of these trips where I board the flight, make up the bed, then sleep for […]

Woke up this morning at 12AM with a massive headache. I guess having not travelled long haul for nearly 2 months I’m not used to jetlag – thankfully I had some melatonin and ibuprofen to take. Lunch today at Sichuan style Chinese restaurant. I’m not a great fan of the SF Bay area – but […]

It feels like so long since I’ve been here (about 10 weeks or so I think). Our office has moved to a new location (nearer San Jose) so I’m staying at a new hotel. When I got here I realised that I actually had been to this area quite a few times before for lunch. […]