Monday, May 27th, 2024

Why can’t a train really mean a train ?


UK transport never fails to amaze me. I must confess there is something to be said for getting the 12:04 (midnight) mid-week train from Kings Cross to Cambridge – it always runs on time ! However, throw a Sunday in the equation and you are doomed.

Simple task: get to Heathrow on Sunday morning for an 11:30AM flight. That should be simple: Train to Kings Cross, Hammersmith & City Tube to Paddington, Heathrow Express to Heathrow Central. Thankfully I decided to check, yep Engineering works. In this case, the route to Kings Cross or Liverpool Street involves taking a bus from Cambridge to Stevenage and then changing. WTF ? If I wanted to take a bus, I’d specifically have taken one, I really want a train !

I don’t know what’s worse – taking a bus, or stepping foot in Stevenage. Actually, I do- taking a bus (or coach as it will be called). Coaches have to be the worst form of transport ever built by the human race (and that’s comparing against things like horse and cart, and elephant ride, etc.).

So, the upshot: I’m being picked up by car and driven down to Heathrow. Thankfully it’s a Sunday morning so hopefully not too much traffic. I just hope that they honour my request for one of the drivers I actually like and can talk to, I really can’t handle someone uttering random nonsense at me, in that case the headphones go on.

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