Sunday, June 16th, 2024

I planned to wake up very late this morning (i.e. after 9AM), but of course that failed. However, I did go past 7AM which is better than usual. This week has been really tiring. I don’t really like chairing and organising meetings, especially if there are a lot of objectives and data that has to […]

(I never suffer from envy) It’s 8AM, I’ve sitting at my desk and have already gotten through a whole bunch of stuff. It’s vaguely sunny outside. I’ve a pile of things to get through, but they are all achievable. Things are good ! No, today they are very good !

I went to bed last night feeling down. This morning I felt terrible. I usually walk to the main road to meet the cab in the morning. I couldn’t even be bothered to do that this morning. There are too many things up in the air right now and also things that I need to resolve, […]

This picture below was created for me from my blog, the size of the text relates to the number of times words are used. I never really ‘got’ this presentation concept until it was applied to something I wrote. Taking a quick scan of it and words included I think pretty much sums me up: […]

I woke up at 2:27am this morning. I stupidly forgot to switch the radio off on my Blackberry and so the splurge of UK emails started coming through with a regular (2 minute) cadence. I decided to get up and do some work, but then had a ‘lightbulb moment’ in terms of things that have […]