Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Several times in the past few years I’ve been in situations where people have been rude and I haven’t responded appropriately, only for it to bug me later. In this case, 4hrs have passed and I’m still irritated. British upbringing suggests that you don’t give people a hard time in public, especially to random strangers, […]

I love attention to detail, whether that be well crafted things through to signs on stores. I glimpsed this from the Apple Keynote the other day… Any other company there would be a paper on the seat, or someone there saying “sorry this seat is taken”. In Apple’s case a slip cover with the words […]

Finally found this on YouTube as I often describe to people the concept of the Cambridge spoiled child with the dumb parents who dote after them…  

Spotted this the other week at Cambridge station: Platform hosts ? Kind of sounds like some sort of sex trade !

I think I’ve blogged before about the fact that there is only 1 sandwich that I can eat in the whole of Cambridge Station – a basic cheese sandwich for £1 from M&S. No, it’s not the penny saving Scottish gene in me, it’s the fact that I hate sandwiches full of random stuff like […]

Spotted this in a magazine yesterday and noticed that bars are selling it: So the people who make Stella are now doing Cider. I can just imagine the novelty factor on Friday nights combining Stella Lager and Stella Cider. I wonder what the name will be – beaten snake ?

I think this picture from a main street in Cambridge pretty much sums up the Cambridge Dining Experience: Yep, instead of walking along the street with a Kebab, you can actually sit in having one. Unbelievable.

Cambridge Station this afternoon. Automated announcement (implying the situation reasonably common): “We apologise for the late running of the Stansted Airport Service on Platform 4, due to disruptive passengers”

I think tonight’s experience at my local shops summaries the efficiency differences between Chinese and Western people: * Order Chinese food * Walk into Co-Op (next door) to buy bottle of water. Full of bloody middle aged women (the type that done get the purse out in the queue and then have to dig in […]

I feel down today. I can’t quite figure the reason. It’s 8:30PM and I’m off to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.