Friday, April 19th, 2024

Cambridge Sainsbury’s summed up


I think the picture below (taken the other week) sums up the catastrophe that is Sainsbury’s in Cambridge (there are 2, equally bad)- no ‘normal’ milk left. Still, gives me a different example to use than ‘potatoes’ which was the case once before. What a systematic failure of running a business to not have the basics in stock. Of course there will be some nonsense excuse about the weather – maybe the cows that they use have udders that freeze over ?

At the same time, why is it that their carwash is a lottery of the following scenarios:

* It isn’t working – typically about 3 out of 4 times
* There’s some bullshit law regarding when it can be used due to being in a ‘built up area’. Nice idea, shame that a car wash makes less noise than the busiest petrol station in Cambridge with over a dozen pumps that are always constantly in use. Why not just keep it open at sensible hours ?
* It might be working, although there will always be a queue of at least 4 cars, one of which is someone who has never used a carwash before and decides at the last minute to have to unscrew anything external to the car (thankfully not those horrid England flags) before going into the wash.

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