Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Transport in Cambridge is always a controversy. As in any small place in the UK, the council constantly comes up with silly ideas to try and improve things. Some recent examples are: Congestion charges (I think that one is an attempt to make people think they are living in a large place). Of course that […]

It’s Saturday morning and the first point I feel relaxed since Iceland. Had dinner at the Peking in Cambridge last night (great as ever)- I love the food and also it’s unusual to go to somewhere in Cambridge and have consistent staff. Some reflections on the past few weeks. Iceland I liked Iceland. Friendly efficient […]

Last week was absolutely hectic. I can’t help feeling that my worklife has changed permanently from 7AM to 7PM in the office, quick dinner, then another load of calls/e-mails until I need to go to bed with exhaustion. Got back from the US on Monday, relaxed a little. Thankfully the jetlag wasn’t nearly as bad […]