Sunday, June 16th, 2024

In the never ending pursuit of finding poor shops in Cambridge, yesterday brought up a new candidate Marks and Spencer. Of course I was already frustrated as I had already been into another store, only to be able to browse (as English law dictates that shops can only sell goods for 6hrs maximum, shops often […]

A rather busy week this week. Too many late nights (involving nightclubs and alcohol)- I’ve vowed to be good for another year.. OxfordTuesday I ended up in Oxford for a meeting for work. I’m not a great one for socialising at work (as I usually am too busy, rather then just being plain ignorant). However, […]

This blog comes from a winebar in Newcastle. Now of course many people would think of bars in Newcastle as being full of 50 year old men, drinking Newcastle Brown Ale and smoking like a chimney. Well actually there are some fairly nice bars here. Although I did find it funny that I actually had […]

.. on the the booked train to Newcastle. Of course I hadn’t figured that my morning would be plagued with mishaps (some good and some bad). Day wasn’t off to a good start when I realised I didn’t have any cash to pay for the taxi to the train station. However, that problem was solved […]

Today has been a hectic day. Firstly, dealing with the new house (picking out flooring, kitchens, etc.) then estate agents, solicitors, etc. Then lots of ongoing work and yet another long day. Thankfully a short week with travel to various parts of the UK (Oxford, then Newcastle).

I’ve always been a fan of these cakes- not by any means fantastic quality- but there is something about the taste of them. Actually, when I was a child my parents would always buy me a box for Xmas. I have fond(ant) memories of waking up at 6AM, opening each present until I got to […]

Ode to Train Blues To the guy attempting to run a coffee bar at Cambridge Station… When the price of something is £1.90, why would you charge someone £2.00 for it ? Then make some stupid remark when questioned about it ? To the 7 Dutch (Belgian ?) people on the 8:45 express train from […]

You may recall the last posting on broken machines here. Well, one week later (okay 6 days and 21 hours) this is an up to date picture of said machine… I really would like to think it hasn’t been broken for the whole week. Then again, it is Easter School holidays and it wouldn’t at […]

Dinner at Vietnamese restaurant in Cambridge. I like the food in this place, although the noodles/soup isn’t quite as appealing since I started to make it at home myself (of course my own home recipe has the magic ingredient of blood from cut fingers trying to chop beef into fine slices). The only trouble is […]

Every morning on my way to work I pass this scene. I’ve tried to capture it with the iPhone – but the quality isn’t that good. Anyways, this pic is courtesy of my pocket Leica – this won’t win any photography competitions, but if you click on the pic you can see the large number […]