Sunday, June 16th, 2024

In Waitrose today. After asking the guy at the butchers counter about steak on the bone (idiot showed me something about 6cms thick- I laughed and said “I can hardly grill that”. Then my eye caught these things: Totally horrid looking ! I won’t reduce the tone by saying what they reminded me of. However, […]

For those wondering the title, it means I’m only showing you part of my breakfast. Actually, I had 2 macarons – I just thought about taking the photograph once I’d eaten one of them ! Although I was expecting rain in London, when I sat down at Burlington Arcade it started to clear up. There’s […]

I’ve come to the conclusion that Cambridge is really stressful to live in. People say that big cities create stress- actually I think it’s the opposite. The smaller the place, the more packed people are into it, the more difficult it is to get things done. This morning I woke up in a sticking mood. […]

Taken earlier tonight. For the record, I don’t have a really bad shaky hand ! – I guess we are all just used to image stabilisation and the iPhone hasn’t quite got there yet ! The Run And another one, featuring the chase and everyone a bit more excited…. The Final Chase

I live 10mins away form Newmarket and tonight was the first time I’ve been to the racing. Over the past weeks I’ve been watching The Morning Line in more detail and I’m thinking I might just develop an interest. A bit worrying on the gambling front given my addictive personality ! A couple of pics […]

It’s been a hectic week, early starts, long days. I feel as if I’m in some sort of grind – no actually I’m in a grind. I’m not sleeping well and generally just feeling burnt out every morning. Things aren’t helped by the last 2 days having power cuts at work in the morning – […]

Just reading a Sunday Times article about Audi now equipping service engineers with head cameras and the ability for customers to be able ask them questions. That’s perfect for Cambridge Engineers (who all drive Audi cars). They can now fuel their other passion- the ability to always do things better- I can just imagine commentary […]

Or not in this case ! Sorry for the rant, but I need to get this out my system. Simple task – buy gas for the BBQ. Give local dealer a call, they answer, the guy in the department is busy. I decide to take the risk – after all it is the height of […]

Sitting at the table at the pub last night wondering what to have for dinner. It’s funny, I live in a relatively small village. However, the food options open to me are extensive. Of course, none of them are particularly healthy, but after a few pints of Stella that’s not particularly a priority. Anyways, I […]

The past 2 days have been killers. This morning I was at my desk in the office at 7AM. Just finishing work at 12:30PM. I calculate that to be a ~17hr working day !