Saturday, July 20th, 2024

I’m down, in fact I’m really down. Partly it’s down to being really tired (I can hardly keep my eyes open), but also right now everything seems total shit. Life is too complicated and things are taking a direction I really don’t want. I crave simplicity, I wish I could just be on a desert […]

Lots of upcoming travel. I’ve realised I’m not going to be in the UK much over the next few months. Still, should keep the stress level down, save for the times having to travel through UK airports. The Virgin flight has changed to 2hrs later now (much better than 2hrs earlier once which was a […]

Alternative title: I wish everything was as simple as making bread Yesterday morning I bought some bread and had a (small) slice on its own when I got home. I realised that it tasted sweet and that once again the UK has followed the US by putting too much sugar in things. Yes, I do […]

Hotel in Singapore. I must admit I think this would be a good start to every day, sitting in bed with automatic blinds: [ Javascript required to view QuickTime movie, please turn it on and refresh this page ] Working at a this desk (spot the Mac) I think would be far more productive:

I woke up this morning in a really good mood. I guess it’s a combination of no post-holiday no jetlag (i.e. feeling refreshed), getting a whole load of crap dealt with over the past few days due to the estate management, 2 social events last night, and decent weather ! Oh, and a finally a […]

Walking past Oxford Street recently I spotted that the large HMV near Selfridges had closed. This made it really hit home that traditional media outlets are in rapid decline. It’s funny how technology has changed the face of the High Street. In Glasgow there used to be a well established book chain called ‘John Smiths’. […]

I’m so so tired right now. The one thing that tends to be really impacted is my concentration and memory (yes, I know that’s obvious). Take yesterday: * I go to the toilet to wash my face, involves taking off watch. * As I leave toilet, person I share office with walks in. He returns […]

I do like coming back after a long(ish) trip and getting all the mail into a pile and working through it:

As I write this I’ve just passed Sweden, that’s my usual bearing point for long distance trips from the east when I realise I am nearly home. The flight has been hellish due to children. The dental researchers who identified that putting dummies in kids mouths wasn’t good should be forced to live in prisons […]

Too much walking around.