Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Cambridge Station this afternoon. Automated announcement (implying the situation reasonably common): “We apologise for the late running of the Stansted Airport Service on Platform 4, due to disruptive passengers”

I think tonight’s experience at my local shops summaries the efficiency differences between Chinese and Western people: * Order Chinese food * Walk into Co-Op (next door) to buy bottle of water. Full of bloody middle aged women (the type that done get the purse out in the queue and then have to dig in […]

I feel down today. I can’t quite figure the reason. It’s 8:30PM and I’m off to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Lloyds TSB University Branch, Cambridge. Saturday 18 June 2011, ca. 1:54PM. Large queue waiting for tellers. Behind me a rough looking guy, 2 simple people behind him, then a Chinese student. Bureau de Change becomes free, so Chinese guy skips the queue and goes to use it (sensible use I believe). I don’t actually notice, […]

Wednesday night, nice bottle of red wine. Seems to make everything fall into place. If only things were that simple..