Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Okay, not novel as such since magazine holders have existed for (well whenever magazines were invented). But not this magazine holder ! From Monocle – it’s great for just dropping magazines to read (of which there are many) and then carrying them:

One of the things I like about computers is the constant change and the ability to run previous technologies on the current one. It’s kind of cool to run an emulator of a computer you had as a child on the iPhone for example, though scary to think of the difference in compute power and […]

Yes, I was one of those people who stood in a queue for an iPhone. The plan was: Leave house at 7:15, arriving Cambridge City at 7:30. Go to Grafton Centre Store. The Grafton Centre is a total dive in Cambridge, but the O2 store isn’t as busy, plus the staff historically there are excellent […]

That’s actually a poor choice of title as it implies that I’m in a constant situation of having no money to buy tech. Looking back at the last few months I’ve made quite a few purchases. Actually, today I received my Sennheiser Bluetooth Headphones. They are superb and I’m finally happy that I don’t have […]

Sometimes as you wander through shops you see things and wonder “who actually buys this”. Well, yesterday I think I bought something that clearly falls into that category – a robotic vacuum cleaner ! So far looks to be actually pretty good, here’s a video of it in action: iRobot

I ended up in London yesterday to make some purchases. What I love about London is that when you decide you want something, there is a pretty high chance that you will be able to find it available and in stock. Of course you will likely pay more than Internet stores, but for someone impatient […]

I often buy design magazines like Wallpaper really just to browse through- plenty of pictures to look at ! However, sometimes I find something that looks great or is a really novel way to solve a problem. In this case, it’s a folding mains plug. For those not familiar, the British Mains Plug is a […]

I bought this really cool bookmark (actually a European brand) when I was in Japan a couple of months back. I love the simplicity of the design and looks a bit funky. The presentation form is really nice also.

It’s funny, for sometime now I’ve been a bit bored with the tech scene. I guess it’s partly due to the economic situation that companies have been holding back releasing products. Then, like a bus a load of them come along at the same time and the wallet takes a hit. Working in the tech […]

Arrived last week. I got back from Prague at 10PM, had to go to the office for some calls. Finally left the office at 2AM with iPhone that had been delivered to the office whilst I was away. I had to get up at 6AM the next morning, so what did I do ? yes, […]