Friday, April 19th, 2024

Watching a TV program a few weeks back, it made a reference to a book called “The Sloan Rangers Handbook”. I tracked down a copy (on eBay), just spent a few minutes browsing through it. Come across a section on Universities and guides for the local town. Laughed out loud when I came to Cambridge, […]

Saw this at Boots earlier today, I assume they ran out of English only signs and so had to pick up some from the Boots in Cardiff. Alternatively, maybe they expect a large increase in Welsh tourism in Cambridge ?

Yes, I was one of those people who stood in a queue for an iPhone. The plan was: Leave house at 7:15, arriving Cambridge City at 7:30. Go to Grafton Centre Store. The Grafton Centre is a total dive in Cambridge, but the O2 store isn’t as busy, plus the staff historically there are excellent […]

I don’t really follow football, save for the odd game I’ll go to when in Scotland or (more common) on a stag weekend. Scotland aren’t in the world cup, therefore genetically I am programmed to support any time that opposes England. However, I’m not as critical of the England team as the papers are this […]

Interesting observation last night contrasting different places (albeit with a small sample size). I’ve no doubt complained before about people in Cambridge having poor awareness of the space around them. I usually follow this up with the joke that coming from Glasgow I have to be aware of what’s around me for fear of being […]

Thankfully I’m over the jetlag and waking up early in the morning again (well maybe 4:30AM is a little too early). Heading into London early I think, though I’m note sure what to do as I have to pickup something from a shop that doesn’t open ’til 11AM (don’t get me started). Then back to […]

One of the benefits to living in a village, compared with the city, is seeing local wildlife. I recently had cause to throw a box of muesli out in the garden. Okay, I was irritated since the only muesli I have managed to find that is ‘basic’ (i.e. not got load of random stuff in […]

Disclaimer: this is not designed to get into the debate of rights and wrongs of companies and governments. Human life is very valuable, it’s just interesting the take different people/cultures have on things. I read an article the other week that talked about a contractor in China having a high rate of suicide (10 people). […]

That’s actually a poor choice of title as it implies that I’m in a constant situation of having no money to buy tech. Looking back at the last few months I’ve made quite a few purchases. Actually, today I received my Sennheiser Bluetooth Headphones. They are superb and I’m finally happy that I don’t have […]

I’m a firm believer in this phrase. This week I happened to walk into a meeting room where there must have been some training course previously talking about different sides of the brain and relative traits. It made me think that perhaps countries are like that also ? I got to thinking whilst on a […]