Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Spotted this in the paper whilst waiting for food the other day. Made me chuckle given it was in a Cambridge Newspaper. I guess next week will be ‘Plot to turn Hitler into a Liberal Democrat’…

Finally found this on YouTube as I often describe to people the concept of the Cambridge spoiled child with the dumb parents who dote after them…  

A colleague recently suggested I subscribe to Groupon as he had taken advantage of quite a few offers. I decided to take advice and subscribe. Result ? most mornings I open my e-mail and there’s some random bullshit offer in my inbox, like the other day: Just so Cambridge – fake tan (goes with fake […]

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading and researching into future technologies and how they will enhance our lives. I realised that the BBC in their usual innovative way (yes, iPlayer is a fantastic product and well worth paying the license fee for) have come up with something that is already doing this. Helping […]

Spotted this on the train recently. You see your average Cambridge vandal has excellent detail. In this case, here’s the sign in the train loo: The sign states that the seat lid has to be lowered. Therefore: It’s lowered to the lowest possible position – the floor !

It’s been a while since I’ve been at The Wrestlers in Cambridge. Yesterday went for lunch and it was really good – the best Thai food I’ve had in Cambridge ever. Starting off with the usual crackers and dip whilst the food was cooking: Then Beef Chili for main:

Out the other night made me realise just how the weather has changed dramatically in the past couple of weeks. I recall it being really cold even just 2 weeks ago. Now it feels much warmer and thankfully the nights are getting lighter (slowly). Flicking through photos on my iPhone this morning and came across […]

I love Yum Yums. When I was a child there was only one place that sold them – a bakery chain called City Bakeries. It’s long gone now due to Supermarkets having their own bakeries. City Bakeries did 2 amazing foods: Deep Fried Pizza and Yum Yums. At school if we wanted to pig out […]

Spotted this yesterday in the car, I like the alternative take on Father and Son signs:

The title sounds like something you’d see in a Daily Mail headline when there isn’t a recent reality TV show scandal, political scandal, or a report on immigration levels. In my case, another total bullshit sign at Cambridge Station: The text at the bottom I find funny, indicating that WARNING signs will be placed around […]