Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

I always say “what a difference a day makes”. I hope that’s the case over the next 24hrs. I’ve taken the long weekend off, did a bit of work, but still feel guilty about not doing enough. I have too many plates spinning right now and too much to do. It just seems like a […]

I bought a Sony eReader a while ago in the US (at the time the Amazon Kindle wasn’t available for the UK). I blogged before about it being a complete messy experience getting the content on the device. Getting iBooks running on the iPad on the other hand was a complete dream. As you’d expect, […]

… but for once not of the electronic variety ! I tend to carry lots of reports and documents back and forth between home and the office. This is usually in a separate tote bag (as carrying a small Windows work laptop and MacBook Air takes up a reasonable amount of space). They tend to […]

Walking in Muji yesterday and spotted some ice cube makers. I love how the Japanese think of novel and interesting uses and forms for things, really creative. I was looking at the strange shapes: The one on the left creates sticks of ice that you can then place into bottles of water etc. Very clever […]

Spotted this the other week in Cambridge: Total miracle. Saturday night and somewhere open until after 6PM ! I had to go in. Apparently a trial. The place was full- so the trial clearly yielded a positive result. However, no doubt it will last. The next miracle I’m not rating as happening anytime soon – […]

I really hate spam. That’s a bit of a stupid statement I guess since I doubt there are people who liked it. However, my blog has been hit fairly severely recently. I just don’t understand why you’d be hit with lots of random comments containing random characters and nonsense. I think things might have been […]

Sorry, yet another rant about mobile connectivity. I really struggle to see why anyone would buy a 3G capable iPad in the UK. The possibilities for such a gadget are immense. However, I just can’t see how you’d have a usable experience in the UK with the poor quality of 3G provision. Take today- simple […]

We all know the lack of management of stock levels in Cambridge. I’m certain there’s a 50 person company in Cambridge that writes software for stock and inventory control – pity it’s never used. Though I’m also inclined to think that much of it is downto management problems. Today’s experience – Marks and Spencer at […]

It’s the subtle things in life that make a difference. In this case, typing in a license key into a computer made difficult by some silly software developer not making life easy for people. Okay, I fully appreciate the need for license keys, and the format: aaaaa-bbbbb-ccccc-ddddd-eeeee-fffff-ggggg is the generally accepted format. However, when I’m […]

Spotted this in Cambridge tonight: Doesn’t surprise me that Cambridge City is covered by Liberal Democrat. Sadly, if this was at street level, I’d have made a minor amendment: Or maybe ?: