Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Warning: extreme sarcasm…. First Capital Connect, I am writing to you from one of your trains and I’d like to personally thank you for the service you have given me today. Specifically: * Thanks for giving me a great exercise challenge. The usual 4 minutes departure notice from the main station concourse to that complete […]

I’ve come to the conclusion that the UK really isn’t a first world country. Yes, it does meet all the general critereon of a first world country. However, when it comes to infastructure things are so broken they really aren’t worthy of a first world country. Take this mornings journey as I fly out of […]

So I’m en-route to San Jose. I always take the train to the airport as it is a far more comfortable journey than a car. The trouble on a Sunday is that the trains aren’t very frequent and so you have usually to leave early. In my case this meant catching a 730am train. Not […]

Great, nice weather, BBQs in full swing. Well, they would be- but not Cambridge. I just went to my local Calor Gas centre to pick up some gas. I hate carrying gas canisters in the back of the car as they roll around and hit the side of the boot. Anyways, arrive at the dealer. […]

London (as usual) Delivers Dinner at Eat Thai in London last night. Absolutely superb as usual. Perfect experience: Prompt service.Being an impatient person I love the fact that they capitalise on the fact that they have a number of people serving and they don’t give you the usual Western bullshit about it being one specific […]

I have a folder that I keep on my desk at home labelled ‘F*** Ups’. In it are things that I have to keep on my radar  that need sorting as someone (or some organisation) has messed up. Living in the UK you have to deal with these sort of things on a daily basis. […]

This week has been a series of disasters in terms of travel….. Driving Side Mirror Wednesday evening: drivers side mirror in car removed due to some complete idiot driving at 90mph along a country road and deciding to overtake at an inappropriate moment. Swerved to avoid, but car wing mirror hit and torn to pieces. […]

Breakthrough. Finally this week I managed to get the telephone number from the old house to the new one. Now you’d think that moving less than half a mile that would be a really simple task. Sadly, instead it’s taken nearly 4 months to do so – mainly due to having to move service supplier […]

Poster Blues (not Blue Posters) Yesterday I bought some posters I’ve been meaning to buy from Monocle for some time. Of course there’s the issue of getting them on the wall, something I thought would be pretty simple given they were standard A2 posters. NO ! What a complete shambles on a Saturday trying to […]

Today’s travel has been a misery, but thankfully I knew that in advance so minimised the stress with planning. I have the option to have a car take me to the airport, but I hate that as it’s inefficient, uncomfortable, and wastes time (can’t use computer easily and always stuck in traffic). Public transport is […]