Saturday, July 20th, 2024

I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with technology incorporated into watches. I remember when I was about six years old Woolworths having a Zeon watch with a radio incorporated into it. It looked pretty tacky, particularly as the headphones were connected all the time, but I was fascinated at the prospect of listening […]

Ever since the iPad mini was announced I’ve been considering buying one. The day it was released I fought throw the crowds to get my hands on one. My initial impression was the weight was much better, I liked the form factor but it felt like the screen was a downgrade from my retina display […]

I headed into the city yesterday with a mission – to look at the new iPad Mini. My iPad first impressions so far have been: * iPad original – this feels heavier than what I expected it to feel.. but the experience is amazing.. I will buy one. * iPad 2 – now this feels […]

Speculation this morning in the papers about Comet being in trouble, confirmed later in the day. Comet has a place in my childhood memories and one of the reasons I think I’ve always been into technology. I remember my dad taking me to the store on Friday nights (they had a store near to a […]

It’s amazing just how quickly we pick up user interface habits. I’ve been using Mac OS Mountain Lion for about 5 weeks now and any time I use another browser (including iOS) I automatically enter search topics into the URL bar !

I love attention to detail, whether that be well crafted things through to signs on stores. I glimpsed this from the Apple Keynote the other day… Any other company there would be a paper on the seat, or someone there saying “sorry this seat is taken”. In Apple’s case a slip cover with the words […]

User interfaces in machines have always interested me. I regularly moan about the UI of the ticket machine at Cambridge station, another focus for frustration is the photocopier. Take something so simple, and put a crap UI on it. You can hear the error ‘beep’ so often when people use it that you’d think a […]

Bring out a 64GB iPhone, please, please. This messing around trying to take things out of my playlists every time is getting to be a pain.

I bought this gadget last week. It’s called ‘fitbit’ and it’s a small device that you clip on to your clothes that measures how many steps that you walk etc. Of course I haven’t actually used it yet, although it is set up waiting for the next time I actually get out of the chair […]

Alternative title: I wish everything was as simple as making bread Yesterday morning I bought some bread and had a (small) slice on its own when I got home. I realised that it tasted sweet and that once again the UK has followed the US by putting too much sugar in things. Yes, I do […]