Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Thanks First Capital Connect


Warning: extreme sarcasm….

First Capital Connect,

I am writing to you from one of your trains and I’d like to personally thank you for the service you have given me today. Specifically:

* Thanks for giving me a great exercise challenge. The usual 4 minutes departure notice from the main station concourse to that complete abomination that is the annex of Kings Cross (platform 9-11). I’m sure your workers record the mass of running people and watch the best bits at the Xmas party with people colliding and racing each other. Of course there are only a few ticket machines working, with the usual random workers just standing around helping people when the machine malfunctions. It’s funny, they don’t show that aspect of Platform 9 3/4 in Harry Potter. You clearly have my health in mind also by not providing any form of refreshment facilities in the annex nor on the train itself, though I do have to say the ability to purchase a bottle of water in this 30C heat would have been welcomed.

* This year I have not been able to travel much so I also really do appreciate the packed train experience and lack of aircon. You clearly have also realised that the Kings Cross to Kings Lynn via Cambridge line has lots of tourism and I really think you have done well providing the 2 small luggage racks per carriage- it really does add to the cosy element of the journey. As I write this, I regularly close my eyes and just imagine myself on a busy commuter bus or train in a 3rd world country. Your fares do really represent such amazing value for money in this respect and I would really urge you to advertise this instead of those silly little posters you have on the trains urging people to take a day out to Kings Lynn.

Thank you once more and keep up the good work ! Craig

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