Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Everything’s in the numbers…


Breakthrough. Finally this week I managed to get the telephone number from the old house to the new one. Now you’d think that moving less than half a mile that would be a really simple task. Sadly, instead it’s taken nearly 4 months to do so – mainly due to having to move service supplier from Virgin Media to BT as I couldn’t get a high speed connection to the new place. I was particularly keen to keep the old number as it was very easy to remember (people always remark on it when you give them the number).

After numerous attempts at doing so, failed installations, hours on the ‘phone I’ve reached the goal of being able to dial the number and a ‘phone rings in the house !! Eventually it took having to have 2 lines installed in the new place and lots and lots of ‘phone calls with BT trying to find someone who was competent enough to comprehend the task at hand.

One less mess up to juggle !

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