Monday, May 27th, 2024

Nuclear Summer?


So I’m en-route to San Jose. I always take the train to the airport as it is a far more comfortable journey than a car. The trouble on a Sunday is that the trains aren’t very frequent and so you have usually to leave early. In my case this meant catching a 730am train. Not really a problem I thought- grab breakfast for the train. WRONG!

Upon arrival at the station the is what faced me:

Yes- felt like a nuclear bomb had gone off. Nothing open and the place was empty. Grumpy Craig due to lack of coffee.

I get on the train. Of course they’ve stopped the buffet service on the trains nowadays. However, they still have 2 people on the train checking tickets ! Why can’t they double up and sell coffee? I guess it’s some union rule. Frustrating.

I arrive at Paddington and of course everything is open !

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