Sunday, June 16th, 2024

UK travel misery


Today’s travel has been a misery, but thankfully I knew that in advance so minimised the stress with planning. I have the option to have a car take me to the airport, but I hate that as it’s inefficient, uncomfortable, and wastes time (can’t use computer easily and always stuck in traffic). Public transport is a much better option- when it runs that is !

No it’s not leaves on the line (as they have a new Leaves on the Line timetable). First Capital Connect drivers have gotten religious fever and decided that Sunday is a day of rest. Therefore there are no trains into Kings Cross from Cambridge today. And no, I really do not want to take a bus from Cambridge to London. If I wanted to take a bus, I’d go to the bus station.

At the station there were of course the usual 6+ uniformed staff standing around checking tickets and not doing very much. I reckon my ticket price is at least £1 higher to pay for these people adding absolutely no value whatsoever to the travel experience. What’s the point of having an automated ticket barrier, but having 3 people standing beside it ? I guess it’s a carry over from the former BR days. Shame none of the staff were multi-lingual since there was the usual raft of visitors looking totally confused at why a G8 country can’t run a train service on a Sunday. In short, total and utter joke.

What irritates me the most is that there is a recession on, but people providing a service to the public seem to think they are immune to it. So far, it’s trains and post, I predict it’s going to get worse over the next 6 months. Right, I’ll stop as I sound like a Daily Mail editor.

Usual carnage on the London Underground due to Engineering works. Think I’ll just take a taxi from Liverpool Street to Paddington as I can’t be bothered with a change on the tube (no doubt with a very long set of stairs, stuck behind a group of tortoises all walking in parallel).

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