Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

1.5 World Country


I’ve come to the conclusion that the UK really isn’t a first world country. Yes, it does meet all the general critereon of a first world country. However, when it comes to infastructure things are so broken they really aren’t worthy of a first world country.

Take this mornings journey as I fly out of the UK for example:

* No faciltiies open at Cambridge railway station
* Broken lifts at Kings Cross, the whole of Kings Cross looking like a bombsite
* Arrive at Virgin ticket desk, system to take payments not working
* Terminal 3 departures – feels like Dubai due to aircon problem. No trolleys available
* Virgin lounge entry – receptionist writing names of people down due to system broken
* Virgin lounge – aircon broken with lots of individual fan units sitting around

I haven’t even made it to the gate yet !

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