Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Zero stock…


Great, nice weather, BBQs in full swing. Well, they would be- but not Cambridge. I just went to my local Calor Gas centre to pick up some gas. I hate carrying gas canisters in the back of the car as they roll around and hit the side of the boot. Anyways, arrive at the dealer. Ask for gas, the reply I get is “mmh, let me check if we have any”. WTF ? It’s late April, why the hell wouldn’t you have any Patio Gas in stock ? It was then confirmed that they didn’t have any ! Unbelievable.

I get back home and look on the Calor Gas Direct website. It’s rubbish. I call the number as stated and it gets me through to the Cambridge Gas Centre. Great, that’s the other side of town- a no go area since everyone from the entire East Anglian region will have to Cambridge shopping today so there will be mile long queues. I give them a call:

“Do you deliver?”…. “yes, but not on a Saturday”

“What time do you close?”…. “5PM’

“Are you open tomorrow?”…. “No”

Total and utter joke. What he’s saying is that unless I am unemployed, take the day off, or have someone in the house during the week I’m screwed ! Is it really any wonder that people go to large chain DIY places nowdays ? However, given past experience I don’t hold out much hope for them either- likely out of stock.

I’m irritated ! HST applying yet again.

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